Prognoz is an international IT-corporation  a software vendor delivering advanced analytics and visual discovery solutions for clients looking to drive innovation and improve business performance. 

It is one of the leaders in software development and business analytics in the Russian market. Prognoz has its offices all over the world: Moscow, Brussels, Beijing, Kiev, Dubai, Lusaka, Astana and Minsk. The headquarters is based in Perm, Russia.

Our task was to develop a modern website for one of the BI industry leaders and create an explainer video.


Step 1. An explainer video
We created an explainer video for Prognoz on using clever business analytics for corporate purposes. It shows the solution to the problem of corporate data processing and visualization for further decision-making and planning.   
The video clearly showcases the main value and advantages of Prognoz BI systems.

Step 2. Website. 
Previously, the company had a classic corporate image-building website. Then Prognoz intended to put more focus on its products, clients and partners. We developed a user-friendly website taking into account all of the company’s requests. 

The homepage has changed a lot. Now, central part is a slider with core Prognoz products/solutions and services – Prognoz Platform and Data Portal.

prognoz website homepage

The biggest and the most informative section of the website is ‘Products & Solutions’. Prognoz has developed a range of off-the-shelf software products for Russian and foreign markets. More than 40 software products for business and government entities are presented on the website.

We created banners and illustrations for every solution.

prognoz solutions

Every illustration is connected with a particular product. All the illustrations have the same general stylistics and idea: real objects are turned into analytical graphics.

prognoz solutions

For example, solutions for a railway company are illustrated in the form of railroad trains.

railway solutions prognoz

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Ilya Zagvozdkin

Dmitrii Chirkov


Evgeniya Vladykina

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Nikita Popov

Anton Armishev


Ilya Shakirov

Aleksandr Vaulin

Anton Armishev

Pavel Drobyshev

Aleksandr Demyanenko

Aleksandr Rostovskii


Vladimir Gulyaev


Konstantin Lopatin

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