RealtimeBoard is an endless online whiteboard where you, your creative team or a huge company can organize the workflow, brainstorm and manage all the tasks in a highly visual way. As opposed to classic whiteboards, this one can be saved, shared and do not have physical limits.

The project was originally part of Vitamin Group but then has separated. Nowadays, RealtimeBoard has got more that 500 000 users all over the world.

The service is rather simple itself, but it can be difficult sometimes to communicate its value clearly. We had to create the presentation tools that help sell PRO Version of the product to customers from different countries.

When working on this project, we were trying to focus primarily on design.

Step 1. Logo. Inspired by bright stickers as one of the tools to use on RTB whiteboard.

realtimeboard logo

Step 2. Explainer Video. Our team intended to create an animated video that showcases multiple opportunities and advantages of the product. Finally, we have got light and amusing video one and a half minute long which conveys the message of enhanced visualization processes with RTB. 

Step 3. Website design, development, and coding. The final product is built on an exclusive, complex tech platform, which allows up to 100 000 people collaborating in real time. Our team designed the website so as to enable users to easy navigate and enjoy smooth color scheme and illustrations. 

realtimeboard website eng

On the homepage, we can find a picture taken by members of RTB team. It is the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford and its huge whiteboards covered with stickers, graphs, and notes. This is a source of inspiration for developers to work hard and bring enhanced ways of online visualization into reality.

realtimeboard website eng

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